We're experienced in tailor-made package tours & holidays in hiking & trekking, cultural tours throughout Turkey. (blue voyage and gastronomy tours are optional and generally linked to main program) We are based mainly in Istanbul or somewhere in Turkey depends on the season you get in connection with us. Our extensive experience in exploring, sightseeing, backpacking, riding, walking, trekking and hiking in Turkey ensures that we may possibly be your best choice to arrange your tailor-made holidays in Turkey. Cause we know one of the best way to experience Turkey is to hike. Even you’re not able to we have so many options either.

Hike-In-Turkey allows you to savour the Anatolian cultures that differs region by region and spirit of the ancient civilizations. It’s better for you to encourage yourself for an interaction with local people that we will direct you “how” and “when” if you need our assistance during your visit. Therefore, understanding unique ecology and cultures will definitely allow you to better appreciate your destination at a more relaxed pace. Whether you are looking for a one-day visit or a multi-day visit somewhere in Turkey, we can design it, arrange it, book it and guide it for you. Just leave it up to us and relax.

We offer tailor-made holidays, scheduled departures, challenging routes as well as group walking, riding or driving holidays and for hikers we are able to cater to the walking needs of all ages. We can arrange add-on extensions to all of our walks, ensuring that you have the holiday that YOU want. We have all the experience that you require and are committed to your safety and to ensuring that you enjoy the one of your best vacations of your life. May be the best?


What do we do?

We especially hike on waymarked long trails, generally do long trans-hikes explore Anatolia’s history, people and its attractive nature. We believe “hiking” is one of the best human action to understand and observe what’s going on around.

This is a brief explanation of what we did and doing so far. The rest and details are in our www.hikeinturkey.com and other subsidiary websites where you’ll be linked from main site. All of our diaries and blogs are being done with voluntariness so translating from original Turkish version to global English version takes some time. But we hope photos and other visual materials help you to understand the type of the route.

We never hike a route once. Most of the routes are hiked more than once so we keep on meeting new local people visiting our colleagues there which is the most enjoyable session of our program.

Do we hike alone or with a group? If we plan a discovery and long trans tour we mainly hike alone cause we do not want to take the risk of a probable injury or exhaustion for the other people because of an unknown location and path. That’s why we hike first and plan for a group activity as a next action.

For the ones who are interested in details, we hike on Lycian Way and Carian Trail especially. We keep adding new routes and programs to our repertoire. Links available below about some of our programs about how they were,


Western Lycia;

Click HERE for Details


Above link is the first day written in English, but rest is in Turkish for now cause we hike and share our experiences and route details on a voluntary basis. That’s why www.hikeinturkey.com grows day by day. So translation into English takes some time.


Kekova (Dolichiste) Route – Southern Lycia;

Lycian Way Gathering in Kekova


So you do not need to learn English just ask (altugsenel@gmail.com) any kind of information you need.

Additionally, depending the requests and group’s performance we offer tours for Western Lycia, St.Nicholas Way, Carian Trail (Hinterland, Datca and Bozburun/Marmaris Peninsulas) and Phrygian Way and so on. Just tell us your requests and we’ll tell you the requirements then we can study on a quote for tailor-made package tour.



A successful tour requires dedication and follow through of a focused people who love their profession and do this like a volunteer loyalty. When we handle the numerous aspects of planning and experience, the final product will be a seamless tour of the highest caliber and craftsmanship. Do not hesitate to contact altugsenel@gmail.com  for these kind of tailor-made or special interest tours. Hiking is one of the hardest one so the rest has never been a problem for us so far.

We offer you one of your best vacation of your life and that your safety is our first priority.


Grading Our Walks

Grading of walks is essential for a pleasant tour. First of all let us know whether you like to accommodate in tents or pensions. We need to understand the type of the trip is suitable for you or not. However grading is a subjective analysis and these grades should be taken as a guideline only. Our grades take into account a combination of the distance walked, the toughness of the terrain, the altitude, the remoteness, climate, the overall length of the whole tour, the degree of comfort to be expected and your personal experience of course. Please do consult us if you have specific concerns about any aspect of our tours.

  • “A” is easy – for anyone of any age. Plenty of rest stops and time to enjoy the local scenery. The trip will not solely consist of walking each day, allowing time for sightseeing and touring the area using other forms of transportation.
  • “B” is moderate – for anyone who is a ‘regular’ hill walker. As above but offering longer stretches of walking on more rugged terrains.
  • “C” is fairly strenuous – for the keen hill walker. Hiking/Trekking is sustained, often involving high ascents, but still with plenty of time for rest and relaxation at the end.
  • “D” is strenuous and at times challenging – A pre-trip “fitness regime” will certainly aid the enjoyment factor. Certain trips do involve an element of ‘mountaineering’ or gentle scrambling – training is recommended. It is important that you do not ‘bite off more than you can comfortably chew’!

Please be aware that on some tours the categories above do overlap cause we’re in nature.



Here are some tours that we offer and serve regularly. Of course these programs are revised according to request and all these information can be considered as “draft”

  • Lycian Way – West
  • Lycian Way – East
  • Lycian Way – Kekova
  • Carian Trail (Hiterland, Datca, Bozburun/Marmaris)
  • Phyrgian Way
  • St.Nicholas Way and so on…